airG Review: Make your online dating great

These days, people prefer to spend time on the Internet rather than talking to friends and going out. Nevertheless, airG is once again making relationships more meaningful for people.

This platform is an excellent solution for singles looking for lovers from all over the world. However, it can be useful for users from a new city who cannot make new friends. This application developer is the founder of many other mobile applications.

Pros of the service

The most essential advantages of this online platform:

  • A modern interface with straightforward design;
  • A fast registration process;
  • The service is useful for both dating and making friends;
  • It does not have any ads;
  • The platform provides lots of free features for valuable communication;
  • This application is available worldwide, and users can quickly access it with no limitations.

Can I meet scammers here?

One of the most significant concerns users have when they start using mobile apps for dating and making friends is whether the profiles are real. As far as airG is concerned, its moderators do their best to avoid fake accounts. In such a situation, they require all those who create their accounts to upload their images. Yet, they do not verify these images and new members can add content belonging to someone else. That’s why if you want to avoid scammers, look at these signs:

  • Description. The user you want to talk to should add at least some facts to this field. However, this information should never be too general. You need to worry if there is nothing unique in this text.
  • Photographs. Never start talking to people using pictures or animations of stars. Sure, some people try to be anonymous, but there is a risk that a person without a real image is a liar. What’s more, you should try to avoid users having only one or two pictures.

Another thing airG’s moderators do to improve the platform is that they don’t allow minors. All members can access the service if you are at least 14 years old. This restriction is reasonable because although the developers try to protect their members from inappropriate content, there are still some suspicious profiles on this app. That is why it is better to disable kids and teenagers from this content.

All in all, thanks to this program you are unlikely to get married, but have fun swiping an endless stream of photos of beautiful girls and really handsome men.

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