FurFling Review: Get closer with no consequences

FurFling is a very specific service. It aimed to target a furry community, meet and satisfy their needs. Even though it has the only website and doesn’t have an application, users still highly rate the usability and interface, claiming that it is very robust, modern, but at the same time doesn’t take that much effort to get around.

FurFling philosophy is to create a communication platform for the furry community with a modern design, but yet plain. It has a search engine, contact management function. It allows exchanging instant messages but also has a module for regular messages. It has emojis to make communication more emotional. As a result, nothing complicated or extraordinary but functional and straightforward.

How does FurFling operate

A new member will see a list of other people’s profiles right on the main page and can start establishing the connection. It brings new members in the first place, but the search engine can be applied for better matching results. If you want to be contacted as well from other members, simply upload some attractive photos and make your profile information as detailed as possible.

Searching Options

If you are not happy with the options which were brought by FurFling automatically, it makes sense to start using the filters offered by the search functionalities. The filter created the way that all the details given in the profile could be searched.

Even though the FurFling database is not that rich, everyone can find a precise match to socialize or even to go further with building a relationship.

Communication Methods

To make it simple and is focused on the main purpose of this social platform, FurFling offers:

  • Sending a wink – to express that you are interested in starting the conversation
  • Messages – well-known feature, which allows writing a longer text providing more details about yourself, interests, and describing what you are looking for.
  • Instant messaging helps to speed up the interaction and to chat with the partner as long as needed.
  • The hookup request is another way to express that you are open to talk and even a bit more.

Similar platforms

There are a few websites that come up with a similar concept:

  • Furrymate;
  • Bronymate.

These sites are intended to build a connection between furry theme lovers and give them a platform to hang out. FurFling differs because it is not only a social platform, but it also encourages its members to search for a date there.

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