GayFriendly review: date with handsome men

GayFriendly gay dating application was developed with great love and attention to details. Our team has over 10 years of experience in dating projects and we tried to combine all the really useful features without overloading the functionality. If you are looking for dating a gay partner, for meetings, relationships, love or marriage, this app is great for you!

Main features of GayFriendly dating application

  • Instant registration and entry through the social network (nothing is published in your social network).
  • Verification of questionnaires on 4 parameters: photo, email, social network and phone number.
  • The ability to change the order of photos.
  • The search for gay men next to you (geolocation) with the ability to specify the search radius.
  • The search in one click on such important criteria as: the availability of photos, the availability of higher education.
  • The game is a fast gay dating by photo. Click “like” or “dislike” and both sides will be notified in case of mutual sympathy.
  • Ability to filter search results so that you can see only “active” users (those who visited the application in the last week). Ability to filter search results so that you can see only “online” users (those who are in the application right now).
  • Filter incoming messages, which is adjustable in one click and allows you to cut off irrelevant messages (by age, region, photo availability).
  • Convenient and familiar chat interface, in the style of popular messengers, including popular smileys.
  • Ability to add users to the lists of favorites, so that later it is easy to find them and meet them.
  • Ability to send the original message from the list of ready-made phrases free of charge.
  • A set of bright virtual gifts that help to attract attention and start dating.
  • Detailed questionnaires, up to the brand of the machine, the diet (for vegetarians), the regime of the day, habits and so on. Matching items are highlighted in color, so it’s easy to find common moments and start a conversation.

Download the GayFriendly gay dating app right now and, in a minute, you will comfortably view profiles of thousands of our gay users. Who knows, maybe this step will change your destiny! GayFriendly also helps you to get acquainted in clubs and bars – mutual likes to the profile in the application and you can safely approach!

The application is completely free, and you can access it, regardless of your location.

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