11 signs that he likes you

“I work for a big company and recently I noticed that one of the top managers is considering me. I caught his gaze. he was a little confused and took his eyes off.

Now, when we meet by chance in the elevator, we look around and smile. It seems to me that he is just embarrassed to take the first step or thinks it is inappropriate to invite me somewhere, because I am his subordinate. Maybe I should help him somehow? Show initiative by yourself? How to understand if he is interested in me?

Here are specific signs of the person who likes you, and if you don’t see them, it’s better to look at someone else.

He initiates communication. The more often, the stronger is the fuse: he writes the first, calls without a reason, comes up with questions, starts idle conversations.

2. Caught in your eyes. You find yourself in the dining room at the same time, he keeps flashing in places where you like to be.

3. He smiles at you. Here you look at him, and his expression changes dramatically into a friendly, though just sitting frowning.

4. He looks at you when you are not looking. But we can feel it.

5. Tries to be useful: looks for a way to help, does not spare time and energy for you.

6. Woos after. Can you imagine? Invites somewhere, presenting flowers, giving something. It is just a sure thing.

7. Touches. Well, carefully: to hug, serving a coat, to shake a hand, to hold by an elbow.

8. Stand up for you, takes your side in the dispute at least in the format “has the right to his opinion.

9. He listens to you. When a person is interested, he will listen without distraction. This behavior has, and also shows your importance. If he also remembers what you said in the smallest detail, he is definitely in love with you.

10. He asks personal questions. Every lover wants to know more about his chosen one. It’s very good to ask questions, but only their context is no less important. For example, he is interested to know what you like, what you aspire to. This does not concern questions about the nearest exhibition or toilet.

11. Always helps. If a man tries to do something good for you, it speaks about his care. It can be coffee in the morning or setting up programs on your computer and so on. These small things show his affection. And he does this just because he wants to do it.

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