3 types of couples who can never be together

We often find that relationships that we had high hopes for collapse for no apparent reason.

We meet a person, fall in love, make plans together. But despite the efforts made, the relationship does not develop and everything ends in a painful breakup. Such disappointments happen when we initially build communication that is not capable of harmonious and consistent development.

Partners who think only of themselves

In such couples, two people are bright and self-centered personalities. Each “pulls the blanket on himself” and is always in a state of personal dissatisfaction. Initially, when such partners find each other, the relationship seems perfect, but later disappointment begins, as neither of them is ready to make concessions.

The desire to stand on their own and prove themselves right often leads to scandals and strife. The whole problem is that both partners consider themselves to be the main link in the relationship and require increased attention and recognition, instead of noticing the desires and feelings of the person they love.

The tyrant and the victim

Psychologists have repeatedly told about the harm of toxic relationships, but many people continue to exist in illusions and are not ready to part with the usual scheme of building relationships. 

The fact is that co-dependent relationships can also exist for a long period, but here we are talking about quality, not duration. The abuser in a couple will always enjoy the suffering that he or she inflicts on the victim and the victim, in turn, will tolerate emotional and physical abuse, hoping for ghostly changes in the behavior of the partner. 

It is worth understanding that any violence is unacceptable in a relationship and therefore such union has no right to life. It is important to be able to stop in time, to understand the problem and to deal with it. 

Partners who live in illusions

We are talking about couples whose relationships are formed from a distance, or those who meet in the apps, and after a long time he does not dare to meet in person and fall in love with his own fantasy.

Often in this format of communication, both partners sincerely experience the drama of the relationship: jealous of each other, making plans, sharing personal.

The end result is that these relationships are doomed to begin because the partners do not seek to get to know each other, but fantasize about the perfect lover, more and more immersed in the fictional world. 

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