Two signs that the relationship is no longer salvageable

If you constantly fight for your happiness, it’s not love: it’s war. And perhaps it is you who should be the first to raise the white flag and stop this unnecessary battle.

Even the strongest relationship is always in crisis. There is simply no other way: you can be as discreet and tolerant as you want, but to get used to the habits, lifestyle and hobbies of the partner completely, you need a lot of time and mental strength. In other words, crises and difficulties are the norm. Moreover, most often this is the most important stage of your relationship, in time to recognize it, you can later build the strongest union in the world.

And yet love also has diseases that cannot be cured. A relationship is certainly a difficult job, and yet it is not a bondage that should take away from you or your partner 24 hours a day. Sooner or later, a healthy union has to go into an autonomous mode, and if you have been fighting for more than one year just to keep your affair afloat, then perhaps there is a hole in your love boat, which is no longer worth fixing. You have at least two reasons for that.

You’re infringing on yourself

A compromise is a great achievement of mankind, and, of course, if you are ready to sacrifice your own interests for your common good, it is worthy of respect only. After all, none of us have the illusion that every day we spend together is a paradise on earth.

And yet it is naive to think that compromise is a panacea for all problems. After all, there is a trait in every relationship when concessions no longer benefit your union. And here we are talking, first of all, about those situations when you have to hurt yourself as a person and do something that is disgusting to you, not typical and, from your point of view, immoral. It is no longer a compromise, but a silent and unconditional submission.

You don’t feel satisfied with the relationship

Relationships are impossible without mutual expectations. When we enter into a love union, we always wait for something: happiness, mutual success, prosperity, comfort, after all. But if you have not felt anything in your novel for a long time, except total dissatisfaction – it is a sign of unhealthy relationship. Internal work in a couple, as well as the help of a psychologist here is very important, but it often happens that the partners at some point (especially when the candy and bouquet period is long behind) just can not find common ground.

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