How do websites for online dating protect their users?

Have you ever thought of dating via the internet. Only several dozens of years ago people could not even imagine that it would be possible to interact with a person who is located in another part of the world. However, nowadays, it’s already become possible not simply to communicate via your computer or even a mobile phone but also to meet a person who will be ready to spend the entire life with you.

Despite the fact that there’re millions of people who use these services for online relationships, and this number is increasing regularly, there’re still some human beings who are afraid of signing up there. The most essential reason why they don’t want to become members of such online platforms is the fact that they have no doubt that third parties and hackers will be able to get access to their personal information. Nevertheless, the most well-know applications for dating do their best in order to prevent such situations. That’s how they protect users.

No private information needed

In case you want to sign up for one of the online services, you aren’t required to provide any private information to the founders of this application. To become a member of this community, you need to fill out the gaps in the form and share only your:

  • Username;
  • Age;
  • Country where you live;
  • Gender.

In most cases, such an information is required only in order to help users to find their matches faster because it helps them to filter all of the candidates in order to find the mos suitable members for future relationships.

An email address

One more thing you ought to provide to the system to create your personal profile is your email address. After submitting the form for the registration, you will receive an automatic mail in this address. This letter includes a link. You ought to click on it in order to verify your profile. Such an activity allows the app to understand that you aren’t a robot but a real person who has serious intentions. As a result, such a measure during the registration decreases the possibility of meeting a scammer when you are interacting with strangers via one of the dating platforms.

What’s more, in some dating services, all of the members are required to verify their personal images before they are permitted to upload them. Sometimes users even have to send copies of the documents that can prove that these pictures belong to them.

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