TOP-3 Best Apps for Practicing Foreign Language via Cam Chats

Today, in order to practice your English during real communication with a foreigner, it is not necessary to go to an English-speaking country – it is enough just to use all the gifts of the Internet. Here, we provide a list of 3 best applications for smartphones that will help find like-minded and interesting interlocutors in countries from around the world.

  • Italki

It is one of the most popular platforms for practicing your language skills. It provides training in one of two formats to choose from: with a native speaker tutor or with a random partner – the same student as you are. The site combines the functions of a social network and a kind of marketplace: more than two million people have already registered on it, so the choice of language for learning will be huge: more than a hundred different options.

The section for communication with other students is hidden in the header of the site and is called the “Community”. There, you can find an interlocutor who speaks the language you need. Chatting and dating take place via Skype. Italki, just like any social network, will offer you to fill out profile information, add a photo and new friends, then communicate with them through private messages.

  • Speaky

The format of the social network reminds of chats but not quite ordinary ones. You’ll communicate with a foreigner by means of a messenger in the edit mode. It means that a native speaker will highlight mistakes in your messages in red and also write the correct version in green. The site has a mobile version in the form of an application, but most often, interlocutors go to a more familiar Skype, where they continue verbal communication.

Speaky brings together representatives of 180 countries and 110 languages, and also allows you to fill out a personal profile, add a photo, choose necessary languages.

  • Interpals

This service is a real progenitor of modern social networks because it was founded more than 20 years ago. For many years, a huge and very versatile audience of speakers of various languages ​​has gathered there. The main idea of ​​the site is the cultural exchange of people around the world, but over time, it has evolved into something more global. You have an opportunity to create photo albums, groups, profiles, video content, as well as fill out your profile and indicate the purpose of being on the site: it can be either a language practice or even a relationship search.

The service is equipped with fine-tuning blacklists: you can allocate your interlocutors in them according to their country, age, gender, goals and so on. You can correspond in the framework of the forum, as well as in private tête-à-tête messages. Interpals unites like-minded people who want to not only learn languages but also find interesting interlocutors according to hobbies and activities. 154 countries and 100 languages ​​– all this is available in one completely free social network.

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