My Story of Dating in a Cam Chat

I used to spend lovely evenings chatting with random users in an online video chat. I liked making new acquaintances and learning new people and their points of view. It was interesting to me to get to know a new person better, understand why people do certain actions and step, what they are guided by. Thus, such communication in random chats was quite pleasant and interesting for me. I learned many new facts, points of view, men’s psychology.

Among dozens of interlocutors, there were freaks, trolls, sex-addicted people. However, I met lots of intelligent and interesting interlocutors. Some of them were especially cheerful, friendly, and open-minded. The cam chat that I used allowed saving users to a friend list. I had three or four “online friends”.

One of them was persistent. Our dialogues lasted for hours. I enjoyed communication with him. At one moment I felt that I fell in love. We communicated for several months. I woke up and updated my profile to see a missing call from him.

Then he suggested having a real date. Of course, I agreed. I can’t wait to see him. We met in a park. We were walking, talking and laughing. Our first date was awesome. I wanted to see him the entire day, spend all my time with him. We continued communication. He was very delicate.

One day I was sitting in a café when he came in with another girl. I do not know why it happened, and why fate left me in that café at that time. Yes, I saw my “boyfriend” with a girl. They were talking and smiling. At that time, my world crumbled.

I left the café so that he didn’t notice me. I was strolling along the streets to reach my home. My eyes were full with tears. I reached the house, closed the door and just wept. So I spend a couple of hours near the door. I couldn’t stop weeping.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt horrible. I had big bruises under the eyes, my eyes sored. But then I analyzed the situation and came up with a logical idea. I could have been his sister or another relative! Why not?

So I decided not to rush into my thoughts, ask him and watch for him. He said that it was his colleague. But I didn’t believe. I watched for him for several days and found out that they met regularly. Then I decided to talk with that girl. I found out her address and waited for her outside. Our talk was quite calm and wise. It turned out that he cheated both of use and had several girls simultaneously.

I was upset and fell into depression. At that time, my second interlocutor started calling me in a video chat. He noticed that I was broken and asked why. I didn’t tell him, but he insisted. He supported me and was my shoulder to cry on. We chatted a lot. I didn’t notice how he became my friend and then a boyfriend. Now, we’re together.

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