5 Chatroulette Funny Stories

Chatroulette is not a place where you can get bored or feel lonely. People who come to video chats do not waste time thinking someone will entertain them but immediately start to create their own fun. You can meet users dressed up like Spiderman, users that are playing, singing, dancing, or doing some crazy stuff. We gathered several examples of funny tricks that users have been played on by other chatroulette visitors.


Funny Stories from Chatroulettes

  1. A guy talks to a girl and tells her he has a disease. She asks what kind of disease that is and he replies that it is a “sneezing disease.” The next moment he sneezes and disappears from the screen, leaving the girl watch the empty room with no one in there.
  2. Two guys meet a cute girl and do their best to impress her. Suddenly she smiles and reveals the mouth with a front tooth missing (or painted out probably). The guys laugh their asses off.
  3. A boy sees a beautiful body in bikini dancing on the camera. He looks shocked like he can’t believe his own luck. To his disappointment, the girl in the bikini appeared to be a prank guy with moustaches and several friends laughing on the background.
  4. A group of guys open chatroulette in search of adventures. Suddenly, they see Jason Statham on the screen smiling at them. The guys scream out of excitement but apparently they could not talk to a superstar because none of them could speak English.
  5. A group of young people who were apparently having a party at home got online to check on video chat users. To their surprise, the first person they saw cam-to-cam was a nice looking old lady waving and smiling at them. The next movement the saint-looking lady calls them a bunch of idiots who know nothing in life but partying and disconnects.

How To Be Funny in Video Chat

If you want to entertain chatroulette users, think of some pranks or funny things to do or tell to make them laugh. You can

  • Dress up like a funny character;
  • Do peculiar makeup (especially if you are a guy);
  • Do something people do not expect;
  • Try scaring them.

By trying to make users laugh, you will make people interested in you and make each conversation memorable. It is always better to be initiative and to create the mood you want yourself rather than come to chat expecting that someone else will do it for you.  

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