Forbidden Topics in Video Chats

The first thing to know about video chats is that people come here to have some pleasant time while talking to others cam-to-cam. Thus, it is clear that video chat services were not made for serious conversations. Here are some common topics that video chat users usually talk about:

  • Themselves. Talking about yourself is crucial when getting acquainted. Tell about your hobbies, interests, great ideas, and plans.
  • Time spending. Leisure time and ways to spend it can be an exciting topic for conversation. Some people like laying on a sandy beach while others would rather jump with a parachute or climb a mountain. Sharing your favourite free time activities with other video chat users, you do not only hit an interesting topic for conversation but have a chance to find people to spend your free time with.
  • Pets. Some video chat users adore sharing pictures of their pets. If you are a dog lover and you find another dog lover, you are on fire.
  • Travelling. Most people love travelling and you rarely find a person who has never been abroad, so this a universal topic to talk about.
  • Your problems. If you feel like the person is ready to listen, you can share what bothers you.

Things Not To Talk About

Despite such a variety of topics, some people still like to “cross the line” and talk about things that may be unpleasant or even insulting to other users.

  • Politics. Arguing on political matters can never lead to anything good.
  • Religion. If one user is a believer and the other one is not, each sees it as a personal obligation to persuade the other. This is a potentially explosive tactics, if not to say more.
  • Person’s appearance. Making comments on the appearance of the person you talk to is the worst thing to say. No matter how crazy-looking the clothes or the make-up may seem to you, remember that everyone has the right of self-expression.
  • Complains. If you do not like something about your life, you school, or work, just change it. People come to video chats to have fun and not to listen to your whining. Even though they may just lick “next,” some may be too polite to do it. So do not burden people.
  • Too personal stuff. If you are facing problems with your boyfriend/girlfriend or some health problems, do not go too much into details. The person who met you five minutes age would be totally uninterested or even shocked.

So, think carefully about what to say if you want to make people want to talk to you. Avoiding extreme topics and not going into negative stuff is the right thing to do. Remember that communication in chatroulettes must be fun, so choose the topics for conversation that more or less fit in.

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